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End of life is always a tragedy — both emotionally and financially. And while we can’t help overcome the psychological trauma, we can minimize your material losses through the agency of life insurance.

This service guarantees contractual fixed payments to the decedent’s family members. Such support is substantial: when a relative passes away, household income inevitably decreases, and hence it comes to necessity to reconsider and cut expenditure.

Our aim is to support the mournful in the times of hardship by simplifying repayment of credits, taxes, debts etc. Here is what you should know about the application procedure for life insurance in Spain. You can insure your life in one of two schemes:

  • Individual scheme;
  • Family scheme.

The latter implies a considerable discount.

In the course of applying for insurance, you will be able choose its type. Note that in some situations you will need a medical examination to apply for life insurance. The risk assessment is also of great importance: you ought to asnwer the company’s questions with due sincerety. Most of the questions concern your state of health, professional occupation specifics, as well as athletic, extremal and other hobbies. This information is essential for correct risk assessment and precise calculation of premiums.

Saving Fund – Reliable Solution for Multiple Problems

One of the most dependable ways to save money is to invest it in a saving fund with guaranteed life insurance. The regular (so-called “high-risk”) life insurance scheme in Spain implies refunding if and only if the insurance event takes place. On the contrary, by opening a saving fund you guarantee your money back. Furthermore, a long-term contract with our company provides a means for augmenting your capital through the interest rate. Such a fund can become a truly reliable and firm ground to acquire stability and confidence in the future, inasmuch as it works simultaneously in two directions: the insurer provides financial protection of unforseen situations, whereas invested funds accumulate and multiply.

Not unimportantly, the coverage embodied in the contract can be received even before the contract expiration — in the case of a sudden death of the insured family member. After all, major financial losses can be fatal against the background of such unfortunate incident. The saving fund is designed to lend timely support to the fortuneless relatives.

The insurance company will support you not only in tragic, but also in happy hours of your life: saving funds for education, expensive purchases, celebration of your marriage and anniversary, are also offered. A saving fund will help you make a luxurious 18th birthday present or leave a legacy for you children and grandchildren.

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