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The Spanish National Health System is deemed one of the best and most up-to-date in Europe. According to World Health Organization, it ranks fourth in the world rating of national healthcare systems, being capable to cater all needs of nearly the entire country population. The main priority here is affordability; the system is funded by means of taxation and mutual payments. As of today, 93.9% of Spanish residents receive health services for free — from any given region. Medical institutions and EMS provide acute medical care around the clock. Every province and municipality in Spain holds at least one state hospital, with nouveau medical devices and trained personnel. Health workers of private clinics are also highly trained.

Every employed resident of Spain has a health insurance card enabling him or her to receive medical care in health centres; such institutions can be found in all regions and are usually established by groups of general practice doctors. Plus, in case of emergency you can apply for medical attention in the nearest Red Cross hospital.

There have been many health insurance companies with all sorts of policies established in Spain. Each company collaborates with a number of institutions and practitioners, and concludes medical service agreements. If the desired hospital hasn’t concluded such an agreement, the insured receives treatment at own expense. Subsequently the insurer will recompense for the loss partially or in full measure according to the terms of this agreement.

However, with all the advantages of social health insurance at hand, most of the people prefer private health insurance: it enables policyholders to receive a prompt — with no delays or downtimes — and quality medical treatment in best health centers around the country.

If you need to choose a doctor, make decision on serious medical intervention or invest in a health insurance policy in Spain, don’t forget to make use of the analysis data gathered by Expert Services. Our company is an official representative of the insurance agency Generali Seguros. We maintain business relations with leading private clinics. As a result of long-term investigation on health insurance market, we issued a list of trustworthy hospitals, institutions and private practitioners.

Main Provisions of the Family Health Insurance Contract

Получить ответы по вопросам Рекомендованного Медицинского обслуживания можно одним из 3-х способов:

Questions regarding Recommended Health Care (RHC) are answered via:

  • Phone: 902-201-420;
  • Website: WWW.GENERALI.ES → GUIAS MEDICAS → LOCALIСE SU MEDICO MAS PROXIMO → enter your zip-code or locality name and the doctor’s specialty; доктора;

Upon applying for RHC in institutions listed in the catalogue, you will be permitted to leave the health services unpaid, and in the future, upon paying off, you’ll be free of deductibles. Servicing is received through a personal plastic card.

Health services can also be received from clinics and practitioners not listed in the catalogue, and purchased in Spain health insurance will cover 80% of the cost (with limitations specified in the table). Maximum annual amount paid as deductibles cannot exceed €1500.

Time Restrictions on Health Services:

* The insured party can be hospitalized only upon expiry of a certain period of time after the insurance contract conclusion. The period depends on the health services you need and amounts to:

  • 6 months in case of hernia repairs; surgeries on varicose veins, genitourinary system, adenoids, tonsils; appendicectomy and catheterization;
  • 3 months otherwise, if surgical treatment or hospital admission is needed.

Exception to this rule applies where surgery treatment is demanded by a person injured under circumstances listed in the contract, or where the medical condition is diagnosed after the document conclusion. Upon casualty or positive diagnosis on a condition not mentioned above, the health consumer is to receive medical treatment at any time after the insurance contract conclusion.

* The insured party can receive ambulatory medical care upon expiry of the following period of time after the insurance contract conclusion:

  • 6 months in case of ambulatory sugeries, high-technology medical tests (catheterization, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, amniocentesis), as well as treatment procedures of lithotripsy, radiation therapy, cobalt therapy and chemotherapy;
  • 12 months in case of preventive medical treatment.

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Baby Care

Health services related to pregnancy, childbirth and complication treatment can be received in 8 months after the insurance contract conclusion.

All services under the Baby Care guarantee program are to be received only if the childbirth occurred in 8 months after the insurance contract conclusion.

The time restrictions described above (except for the pregnancy-related restrictions) can be cancelled by transferal of another-company family health insurance with similar contract terms.

There is an age restriction set for new clients — only individuals under the age of 64 are undertaken to service. As the company may deem fit, the decision to accept a 65 to 70 year-old individual can be rendered. In contrast, those to renew the insurance contract are free from the restriction.

Private health insurance in Spain may cost from several hundred and up to several thousand euros annually. But that is the only way to have full-featured care of your health, which, as we all know, is always above wealth.