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EXPERT SERVICES is an upscale professional agency working with the Russian-speaking population of Spain, with its business embracing all types and schemes of insurance presented at the Spanish market. The agency has a long history of builder’s risk insurance for Spanish real estate, as well as many years’ experience in health and property insurance. Our skilled assistants will help you hedge against financial losses in a variety of situations. Along with that, the indemnity sum substantially exceeds all your premiums combined.

EXPERT SERVICES is a representative for one of the leading insurance companies in Europe and Spain — Generali Seguros. Having adopted the vast operation experience of almost 200 years, the company employees will help you avoid contingent expenses, financial risks and fund losses.

As of today, the service list of the official representative for the renowned Spanish company Generali Seguros includes the insurance of

  • Health;
  • Life;
  • Builder’s risk;
  • Vehicles: automobiles, motorcycles and yachts;
  • Business;
  • Stock investments — deposits at interest;
  • Superannuation and saving funds.

A personal Russian-speaking legal adviser of EXPERT SERVICES will acquaint you with diverse kinds of interest protection for natural and legal persons living or soujorning in Spain. Our agent will recite the most transparent insurance schemes available in Spain and list their notable peculiarities. In the course of client servicing all details are kept confidential.

Why Choose Us?

Upon resorting to EXPERT SERVICES, every client is guaranteed:

  • Uttermost expertise;
  • Full support;
  • Prompt attention;
  • Individual approach;
  • Competent legal support;
  • Confidentiality compliance.

Cost of Insurance

Insurance premiums are calculated with due consideration of the following factors:

  • Floor space (repairing work is estimated at from €1300 per m2);
  • Security measures: presence of an armored door, alarm system and window bars; residence duration etc.;
  • Estimated personalty cost;
  • Insurance contract terms (services, guarantess etc.).

For instance, the annual premium for a villa priced at €300 000 with personalty priced at €15 000, without an armored door, alarm system and window bars will amount to slightly over €300.

By entrusting insurance of yachts, property, builder’s risk, business, health and life to EXPERT SERVICES, you obtain serenity and confidence in the future.