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The Expert Services provided by our realtors are all-purpose and comprehensive, comprising all aspects of business operations made by our clients.

Here is what falls within our competence

  • Preliminary consultation on property purchase.
  • Inspection trips to Spain (for the purpose of property selection); management of organizational issues.
  • Inspection trips to the Spanish sea coast (for the purpose of property selection).
  • Expert support and legal advice on all real estate operations.
  • Independent appraisal and selection of property in both new-homes and existing-homes markets.
  • Gaining a non-resident status, registration of an NIE Number (an ID-number for a non-resident).
  • Assistance in opening accounts in Spanish banks, with a full package of banking services, including plastic cards, online banking etc.
  • Clean title verification for a property; drawn in the form of Nota Simple Informativa — an extract from the proprietorship register.
  • Conclusion of real estate sales contracts.
  • Qualified mortgage advice.
  • Mortgage application assistance.
  • Company registration (incorporation).
  • Property rental (apartment, bungalow, villa).
  • Meeting at the airport. Hotel reservation, car rental.


  • Conclusion of contracts for electric, water and natural gas connections.
  • Residential registration in a municipality for your new place of residence (Empadronamiento).
  • Registration in SUMA (the local agency responsible for the application of local taxes) to pay property and garbage collection taxes via your bank account.
  • Registration in a housing cooperative to pay for utility services.
  • Organization of design and repairing activities in a property, including landscaping of the adjacent areas. Aid in purchasing furniture, domestic appliances etc.
  • Settlement of other household issues.


  • Legal advice on all insurance types and schemes presented at the Spanish market.
  • Conclusion of contracts to insure: Health, Life, Vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, yachts), Business, Builder’s Risk, Superannuation and Saving Funds, Stock Investments (deposits at interest).