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When talking about any profession, most people tend to focus on the here and now. That's understandable. it's really important to know what's going on in the present tense. But you are missing out on some vital information if you never read and learn about the history of a profession. This applies to plumbing, in particular. You can really further your understanding of the profession by knowing how it began and what changes have been made over the years. That's why we sometimes reference the history of plumbing on this blog. We'll also dive into the future of the profession from time to time because, after all, you have to know where you're headed.




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Plumbers: Back Then, Today, and Tomorrow

Chill Out: Three Reasons To Get AC Installed In Your Home

by Madison Dean

Do you find yourself sweltering in the summer heat and wondering when relief will ever arrive? Well, you don't have to wait until the cooler months to arrive! Having an air conditioning unit installed in your home is a fabulous decision for many reasons. Here are three reasons why getting AC installed in your home is the best decision you can make as a homeowner!

You'll Have Instant Relief from the Heat

The biggest benefit of having an air conditioning unit installed in your home will be, of course, instant relief from the sweltering heat! There is absolutely nothing worse than having to deal with a hot and overheated room during the warmer half of the year, especially if you live in an area with high humidity. Nausea, irritability, and the inability to sleep are just a few side effects of dealing with overwhelming heat. With an air conditioning unit in place, you can have a safe and comfortable living environment year-round. If you have pets and children, this will be especially important as they are typically more sensitive to changes in temperature and can easily become affected if they are left to overheat. 

Portable Units Can Be Cumbersome

While portable AC units are certainly helpful in a pinch, they in no way compare to having air conditioning installed in your home. Large and cumbersome, these units require special tubing to be placed between the unit and a window opening. Besides, you will also have to find storage space in the months that don't require the extra cool down. These units are also extremely loud compared to a properly installed AC unit and need to be specifically placed to achieve the best results possible. Another downside to portable units is the inability to cool down multiple rooms at once or even a larger room. In this way, having an air conditioning unit installed in your home will ensure that every room is able to reach a comfortable temperature at any time. 

Increase Your Home's Value

Air conditioning units, while a welcome addition to the home, aren't just a temporary luxury to enjoy. Installing an AC unit in your home will automatically increase your home's value. This can be extremely advantageous for you if you're looking to sell your home down the road and is a great way to boost your listing. For those who live in regions such as the south or southwest where summers can be especially brutal, you can definitely bet on prospective home buyers looking for this particular feature. For the best results possible, ensure that you keep your AC unit up to date with regular inspections and maintenance when needed. 

For more information, contact air conditioning services near you.