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Plumbers: Back Then, Today, and Tomorrow

2 Drain Cleaning Services To Choose From When Your Sewer Line Is Clogged

by Madison Dean

You may not realize it, but tree roots are a common cause of sewer line clogs. If your toilet won't flush, you may think the problem is a paper clog when it's really a little more complicated than that. A big problem with root clogs is they can keep coming back.

It's often a good idea to hire a plumber to figure out what's causing your clog so they can recommend the most effective way to deal with it. Here are two drain cleaning services your plumber might offer.

1. Clear The Clog With A Drain Auger

Drain augers or snakes have been trusty drain cleaning tools for many years. A plumber uses the commercial variety that has a long hose that can reach deep into the sewer line. The hose is a coil that twists around in the drain. The head has blades that can entangle a clog or cut through it.

Sometimes the auger snags the clog so it can be pulled out of the drain. Other times, the blades cut the clog so it can be rinsed down the drain. You can even buy smaller drain snakes to keep on hand for clearing clogs in kitchen drains.

One reason root clogs may keep coming back after you've had an auger used on your drain is that the auger may not clear out all of the roots. It may only clear enough of the roots that water can pass freely again. In several months, the roots may grow long enough to cause a clog again. However, your plumber may talk to you about using root-killing products that might help eliminate the roots completely.

2. Clean The Drain With A Water Jet

A water jet or hydro jet cleans out a drain using a different method. The equipment consists of a hose with a nozzle on the end that shoots out a stream of water. The water shoots out all sides so the entire inside of the pipe is cleaned out. If the pipe is full of tree roots, all the roots will be ripped off and washed down the drain.

This may result in permanent removal of the roots or at least provide for a lengthier time until they grow back. Besides removing the clog, a water jet offers the additional benefit of washing down the insides of the pipe to get rid of scale, corrosion, grease, hair, and anything else that clings to the side of the drain.

Hydro jetting is an effective method for clearing a clog and cleaning a drain. It's a popular type of drain cleaning service. Since this and using an auger are both capable of clearing drains, a plumber doesn't have to dig up a sewer line just to clean out a clog.

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