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Plumbers: Back Then, Today, and Tomorrow

Maintaining The Septic System Your Home Uses

by Madison Dean

Despite your septic system being effective at breaking down solid waste, it will still gradually accumulate solid waste inside it. This can be due to these materials settling on the floor of the septic tank and being covered by other solid waste. As a result, the bacteria in the septic tank may be less capable of breaking it down.

Septic Tank Additives

Increasing the population of the bacteria in the septic tank can help to improve its ability to break down solid waste. To this end, there are additives that homeowners can utilize that will be able to bolster the bacteria in the tank. However, a homeowner will need to be extremely mindful of the way that they are using these additives. Using too much of the additives or applying the additives to the tank too frequently can both contribute to substantial issues. An example of this could be the population of the bacteria rising much higher than the tank can reasonably support. If this occurs, the bacteria may experience a mass die-off that leaves its levels lower than before the additives were used.

Septic-Safe Products

If your home has a septic tank, you will need to be particularly mindful of the types of products that you are putting down your drains. Septic safe products are designed to be easily broken down inside a septic tank. This can help to reduce the risk of substantial clogs forming in the tank. In addition to being mindful to use septic-safe toilet paper, you should also be careful with the cleaning agents that you use. If these substances enter the drains, they could cause substantial damage to the population of the bacteria in your septic tank.

Pumping Services

The use of additives and septic-safe products can help to reduce the likelihood of a clog developing in the system. However, this will not completely replace the important task of having the septic tank pumped at regular intervals. Some solid waste will inevitably accumulate along the bottom of the tank, and if it is not removed, it will decrease the capacity of the tank and increase the chances of a clog forming somewhere in the system. While pumping the septic tank is something that will only need to be done every few years, it is not a particularly time-consuming task. A septic maintenance provider will likely be able to fully pump the interior of the septic tank in as little as a couple of hours.

For more information about septic tank services, contact a professional plumber in your area.