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Plumbers: Back Then, Today, and Tomorrow

A Bad Condenser Fan Motor Allows Your AC To Overheat And Shut Down

by Madison Dean

The fan motor in your condenser works hard all summer. It has to start the fan blades and keep them turning, so it gets a lot of use every time your AC kicks on. If the motor goes bad, your air conditioner won't keep you cool, and you'll need to call an air conditioner repair service for help. Here are signs the AC fan motor is bad and how it's replaced.

When To Suspect The Fan Motor Is Bad

If the fan in the condenser doesn't run and pull hot air out, your AC will overheat eventually and shut down. It may start back up only to shut down again. If you're outside when the AC starts, you may hear the compressor start up, but you won't see the fan spinning or hear fan noises.

You shouldn't run your AC when the fan isn't working because the compressor could be damaged. Instead, shut the AC off and call an air conditioner repair service.

How The AC Technician Pinpoints The Problem

When the fan motor won't run, the problem could be in the motor, such as the motor windings, or with the capacitor. The problem might even be with the contactor since the contactor passes power to the capacitor which sends power to the motor. An AC technician can use a multimeter to figure out which part is bad.

They can test incoming power to the motor, and if the power is normal, the problem is with the motor. If no power is being sent to the motor, the problem could be the capacitor or contactor. However, a failed capacitor is more likely since it is a common reason for fan failure in an air conditioner.

How A Condenser Fan Motor Is Replaced

A faulty fan motor needs to be replaced. The fan motor is on the backside of the fan, so the air conditioner repair technician reaches the motor by taking the grille off of the condenser and disconnecting the wiring. This allows the technician to turn the fan upside down and access the motor. From there, changing the motor is a matter of disconnecting and removing the old one and putting a new motor in its place.

When the new motor is in place and the fan returned to its position, the technician will test the motor by running your AC and watching for the fan to start up. With the fan operational again, you can be assured your condenser won't overheat and cause your AC to break down completely. Reach out to a professional if you need air conditioner repair