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When talking about any profession, most people tend to focus on the here and now. That's understandable. it's really important to know what's going on in the present tense. But you are missing out on some vital information if you never read and learn about the history of a profession. This applies to plumbing, in particular. You can really further your understanding of the profession by knowing how it began and what changes have been made over the years. That's why we sometimes reference the history of plumbing on this blog. We'll also dive into the future of the profession from time to time because, after all, you have to know where you're headed.




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Plumbers: Back Then, Today, and Tomorrow

3 Instances When You Should Engage Your Local Plumber

by Madison Dean

Acknowledging the crucial role your plumbing system plays in your residential home enables you to be intentional about keeping it in top condition. A healthy plumbing network and efficient plumbing fixtures allow you to maintain sanitary indoor spaces. So when you notice the plumbing system acting up, don't hesitate to contact your local plumber for their professional intervention.

It's quite common for homeowners to ignore plumbing issues until they get out of hand. This sets a bad precedent where plumbing issues get out of control and become costly to repair. To ensure you don't encounter dilapidating plumbing system breakdowns, you should ask for your plumber's assistance as soon as you notice a plumbing issue. This article will highlight three instances when you should engage your local plumber.

When Your Garbage Disposal Malfunctions 

You should engage your local plumber when your garbage disposal malfunctions. The compactor plays a crucial role in helping you manage kitchen waste. Without it, meal-prepping will be more tedious than it already is. So, as soon as you notice that the garbage shoot isn't compacting waste like it should, call your plumber and let them address the problem.

It's quite normal for your garbage shoot to get worn out from extensive use, so its malfunction isn't a course for concern. Your plumber will get to the root of the problem and restore the fixture to proper function. Then, depending on the severity of the damage, your plumber will either recalibrate the component or recommend a new installation.

When Your Sewer Line Is Leaking 

Another instance you need the intervention of your local plumber is when your sewer line is leaking. Sewer line leaking is a serious drainage issue that should be addressed urgently because if this goes on over an extended period, your compound's ecosystem becomes compromised. Sewage leakage also exposes your household to disease-causing organisms and could potentially contaminate your neighborhood's water table.

Engaging your local plumber with your observations guarantees that the professional will promptly respond to your call because they know how time-sensitive the matter is. And thanks to the invention of trenchless sewer line repair, you won't need to cater to lawn care post-repair. The cured-in-place pipes address the issue without your plumber having to commit to excavation.

When the Kitchen Drain Clogs

Since your kitchen sink is constantly in use, it's normal for the drain to get clogged due to the accumulation of waste. Thankfully, you can engage your plumber and let them unclog the drainage. The professional will find out what is stopping effluent water from flowing down the drain with the help of a plumbing camera. From there, they'll use water under high pressure to blast away the debris accumulation in the plumbing pipes. Thus, you can continue using your kitchen sinks to wash dishes and during meal prep.

If any of the instances mentioned above arise at your residence, don't hesitate to engage your local plumber.