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Plumbers: Back Then, Today, and Tomorrow

Is It Time For Septic Pumping? Find Out

by Madison Dean

Septic tanks are mainly used in areas that do not access the municipal sewer system. It is a common system in rural areas, and if properly maintained, it can serve you for many years. The septic system works by collecting and managing wastewater from your toilet, washing machine, shower, and garbage disposal. It holds the waste until the solids from the liquids separate. The solids sink into the bottom of the tank while the liquids flow to the drain field.

Since the solids are left in the tank, it is important to pump the system often to avoid potential issues. It is vital to know the signs that our system needs pumping so that you can call experts to pump it to prevent complications.

1. Your Drains Are Sluggish

Water should quickly flow down your drains. If you notice that your sink, tub, and shower water are not draining as quickly or thoroughly as before, this is a sign that your septic tank might be full. If that is the case, you need to call professionals to pump your system immediately. 

Remember that water that goes down your drain is already contaminated, and it gets worse the more it sits on your pipe. So, the stagnant water in your drains could be a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. Septic pumping will help ensure that the water in your system flows as expected.

2. Your Yard Has a Foul Smell

When the septic tank starts to fill up, you will notice a foul smell above the tank or around the drain field. The smell might reach your house and stink up your entire home. Living in a stinky house is uncomfortable and irritating. The smell is produced since it will not have room to contain the gasses when the tank fills up. You should not live in discomfort just because you use a septic tank system. Call professionals to pump the system before the smells worsen and affect even your neighbors.

3. You Have Septic Backup

Of all the problems you can have in your home, septic backup is one of the most disgusting and the most stressful. However, this is likely to happen if you do not adhere to your septic tank pumping routine. The sewage can back up in your toilet, bathroom, and kitchen sink. Call septic tank pumping experts when you notice a black and stinky sludge from your drain systems.

Septic tank pumping can solve the issues mentioned above. Besides, it can ensure your system serves its expected life. However, you need to hire licensed professionals to do the pumping for you. These professionals know the best way to handle the situation to avoid unwanted complications.

Reach out to a company like Chamberlain Septic and Sewer to learn more.