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When talking about any profession, most people tend to focus on the here and now. That's understandable. it's really important to know what's going on in the present tense. But you are missing out on some vital information if you never read and learn about the history of a profession. This applies to plumbing, in particular. You can really further your understanding of the profession by knowing how it began and what changes have been made over the years. That's why we sometimes reference the history of plumbing on this blog. We'll also dive into the future of the profession from time to time because, after all, you have to know where you're headed.




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Plumbers: Back Then, Today, and Tomorrow

When Should You Have Your Drains Rooter Cleaned?

by Madison Dean

Those drains in your home will eventually fill up and clog if you aren't particularly careful with them. They can fill up with food particles you've been sending down the drain rather than using the drain stop or all of those times you put crumbs into the drain instead of walking them to the trash bin. Your drains are also going to fill up if you are putting feminine products into the drains, or are using flushable products that your sensitive drains aren't able to withstand. If you are experiencing an issue with your drains and you aren't sure if you should have them rooter cleaned, read on for some reasons why you should talk with a plumber about your drains.

Your Toilets Won't Flush

If you've gotten to the point where your toilets will not longer flush,  it's time to call out a plumber to have your toilets rooter cleaned. Your waste may be going down, but if bits of toilet paper are being left in the drain, it isn't actually sending everything down where it all belongs. Eventually it will clog or you will end up with waste backing up into the toilet, causing the toilet to overflow, and subsequently, making a big mess. If you've tried to plunge your toilet and it still is not sending everything down the drain, it's time to call a plumber.

You Hear Gurgling Noises In The Drain

If you can hear gurgling noises, or it sounds like the drains is burping after you have drained water in a bathtub, sink or even flushed the toilet, it means there may be some sort of clog or problem down you drain line and you need to have your drains rooter cleaned before it becomes an issue. The gurgling noises are a sign of something major to come and you need to pay close attention to this noise.

Your Drains Haven't Been Cleaned In Awhile

It's good to have your drains cleaned out once in awhile to ensure your drains are working at maximum capacity and you aren't going to encounter any problems later on down the road. If you've never had your drains cleaned, imagine what those drain pipes probably look like. They may be caked with soap or grease buildup, or you could have other issues in the drains that you didn't even know you had, such as roots in the drain. If it's been awhile, or you've never had it done, you should have this service completed.

If you aren't sure if you should have your drains rooter cleaned, use the information above. If you've had re-occurring issues with your drains, you should have them cleaned out before it's a major problem for you.

For more information about rooter and drain services, contact a plumber near you.